About Saga Artisan

It is the mission of Saga Artisan to construct coffins and urns that are true works of art. Saga Artisan wishes to provide to the discriminating purchaser the opportunity to participate in the design of a one-of-a-kind coffin or urn to meet their funerary needs. Especially in today’s economy, preplanning for your funeral is both a good financial decision and a sound personal choice reflecting your last expression.

At Saga Artisan we use only the finest materials to construct the coffin or urn of your design. Additions to the work may include but are not limited to, hand carved motifs, French Marquetry or chip carving. Some styles include: Acanthus and Viking. However, each coffin or urn can be custom made to reflect the wishes and desires of the client in form and materials to reflect personal taste.

If it is your wish to have a personalized coffin or urn constructed for you, we would be very willing to discuss the opportunity with you. Please see the Contact portion of this site for more information.